Year 6 Class Information - Term 2


Hello and welcome back to the start of another busy term! Obviously, given current


circumstances, the build up to Christmas will sadly not have some of the key events that we


traditionally have within school. However, in class we will continue to work hard and have


as much fun as we can. In History this term, we will be focusing on British monarchs from


1215 through to the end of the Tudor period. In DT, children will have the chance to make


their own Christmas cake. Information regarding ingredients shall be sent to you in due


course. As well as this, we are going to be continuing to work hard in the creative elements


of our writing, looking at efficient ways to edit and check over our work. In maths, we will


have a 5 week focus on fractions. As we have discussed in class, knowing our times tables


will help loads! With this in mind, it might be worth logging on and playing TT Rockstars


whenever we get a chance.


Important Information for this term:




 Every Monday afternoon we shall have a session with a specialist PE coach. This means


that children have to bring in the appropriate PE kit. PE lessons will be outdoors and


therefore appropriate clothing will be required. This means as well as shorts and t-shirt,


children may want to bring in jogging bottoms and an appropriate jumper.




 In the coming weeks, children shall be provided with a username and password so they


can logon to Microsoft Teams. All children in Year 6 are already set up in a class team.


From here, children are able to obtain homework set for them. As well as this, they are


able to upload completed homework on here so that it can be looking at and marked.


The expectation in year 6 is that children read a minimum of 10 pages at least 3 times a


week. They can record their reading in the yellow reading diaries they bring home. At


the start of the year children were given some revision guides. These are a brilliant way


to enhance understanding of subjects covered in class.




 In year 6, children become increasingly aware of themselves and the people they are


surrounded by. With this in mind, it may be that your child wants to bring in a roll on


deodorant that can be applied whenever they feel necessary. Historically, we have


allowed children to do this, which has made them feel far more comfortable, particularly


in higher temperatures.


If you have any questions or you have to contact me for any reason, feel free to speak to me


after school. Alternatively, you can contact me at where all


emails shall be passed to me directly.


Mr Cassey, Mrs Parks and Mrs Sadler